Our Facial Treatments

The face is the mirror of the soul. That's why our intensive care treatments for the face, throat and neckline primarily target your wellbeing. At the beginning of every treatment, we'll analyse your skin type so as to make sure your skin receives exactly the treatment it needs. 

Our salon specialises in the following facial treatments:

  • Environ Facials - This completely natural and highly effective range was created by South African plastic surgeon, Dr Des Fernandes, to repair damaged skin, replenish essential nutrients and increase collagen and elastin production. The treatment uses high concentrations of absorbable fresh vitamins A, C, and E to rebalance, regenerate and rehydrate the skin. Available as an individual treatment or as a course of 6.


  • Environ CST  - Collagen Stimulation Therapy - Using the Needling procedure to boost your natural powers of healing, therefore producing more collagen. Courses of 3 or 6 are available.


  • Dermalogica Facials - Developed by the International Dermal Institute, face mapping takes skin analysis one step further. Incorporating both the ancient art of Chinese face reading with the latest treatment techniques, your therapist will customise your facial to target your individual skin concerns to achieve maximum results.


  • CACI - Non Surgical Face and Body lifting, a face-lift without the scalpel. Micro-currents are conducted painlessly over the face to recharge the muscles own electrical current, stimulating the fibres which maintain the tone. Results best achieved ater a course of 10 treatments.


We can give the facial which is completely tailored to your skin type and your needs.


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